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Design system - Arcadia

The brief

Arcadia group consists of over 7 international fashion brands, these include: Topshop, Topman, Burton, Miss Selfridges and more. The group wanted to merge all E-commerce website into one platform, allowing each brand to keep their unique identity while improving their overall experience, increasing sales and gaining an overview of the total operation.


Creating a platform that would answer to each brand’s needs; be flexible to brand customisation; allow regular content updates and modification following A/B testing.

What I did:

As the sole UX designer on this project, my role was to bridge the gap between the brand representatives, the project managers and the development teams. Working closely with the developers I created a design system that gives designers fast and easy way to design a webpage as well as easy implementation following each brand style guide. The system was based on a component library, following the Atomic Design principles and was shared periodically with both brands and developers to make sure all requirements are met. I shared my wireframes with the brands design teams and Arcadia’s development team to ensure optimal user experience.


Sketchapp, Photoshop, Illustrator, remote user testing.


Arcadia group is merging the brands websites into the new platform section by section. Brands maintain their identity while the overall user experience is improving. To see some of the brand's websites click Topshop, Topman, or Miss Selfridges.