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Final designs

Host app

The brief

Host is an app aimed at short term letting home owners. Using smart home technology, the app gives home owners complete control and overview of their property without having to be physically present. A host can give a temporary access to a visitor, set the heating, turn lights on and even book a cleaning and laundry service, all within one app.


The biggest challenge for this app was a technical one. With the wide range of smart home devices and technologies in the market, it was crucial to find the right ones. We wanted to create ease of use for the home owner as well as the visitors as the main objective. Technical issues included lack of APIs and ability to integrate controllers for third party technologies within our app.

What I did:

As the UI designer of the project, I’ve conducted some research into existing smart home technologies. My goal was to illustrate how different types of controllers could be integrates within the app’s UI panels. I’ve created a series of screens, showing the visitors calender, list of tasks such as gain access code, book a cleaning service and set a smart home device from a given list. Other features included notifications and setting standard profiles such as ‘Guests arrival’ and ‘Guest departure’ which would save standard settings under one button.


Research, wireframe, UI.


This is an ongoing project I am working on with developers, learning the API limitations and exploring new smart technologies.