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research notes


Persona iterations

Persona iterations


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Creating PErsonas

The brief:

Part of an ongoing work turning an existing website responsive, I wanted to create better user journeys and overall experience. In order to do so, I had to know who are users are and therefore conducted research into the field and created the personas.


The website is used by a wide variety of users from all types of life, job types, age and background. It was hard to take the ‘typical’ persona approach of giving each a social economic background and a story. Also, the research showed many users were using other services and parts of the site. Until this research the business was unclear as to how many and how those users ‘shift’ between the services provided.

What I did:

I’ve conducted an initial research into the jobseeker market, competitors personas, users goals, motivations and types of jobseekers. This helped me form the survey questions I sent to our users. After gathering the responses I invited 12 people to come in for personal interviews and user testing. Each interview was audio recorded and a note taker was present. For the user testing we also recorded the users screen interaction and observed their behaviour. From the data collected I created initial 2 primary personas, clearly dividing their behaviour according to their drive, emotion state and goal. I then shared my findings with the rest of the UX team for feedback and critique before a final iteration.


Surveys, Interview, User testing.

Results: jobseeker now has 2 primary personas which are easy to understand. Further interviews will help determine how these personas interact with other parts of the website such as courses and temp work.