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website screens


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The brief:

Reed was undergoing a major website redesign. They had 2 different websites, one for desktop and one for mobile and they needed to merge the two together into a fully responsive site.


As part of the redesign project I wanted to introduce new features that would give users more control over their job search (this was based on research into users needs). There were also a few broken user journeys that needed work. Tech restrictions and legacy code meant that we had to work around those limitations to give the users the best outcome.

What I did:

I conducted user research to better understand their needs and goals. Based on that research I’ve designed new features, created responsive layouts and rearranged some of the overall navigation. Each feature and layout was tested with users either one on one or in a focus group to make sure the over all experience was clean and easy to use.


User research, User testing, Wireframes, Prototype, Photoshop.


Reed’s fully responsive job seeker website in now live. You can view it here