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What is user research:

A big part of the UX process is the user research stage. There are many ways of conducting a user research, each with its benefits. Depending on project requirements and users available I decide which would be the best type of research to conduct. At times I will use more than one method. My research includes potential and existing users, stakeholders, and team members (this includes other designers and developers)..

Types of user research:

Types of research I have conducted include: Online surveys, Personal interviews, group interviews, user testing, group workshops and brain storming sessions.

Why do user reseach:

Through the this process I gain better understanding of the user’s behaviour, needs, and motivations. While conducting team members work sessions I will gain better understanding of any tech abilities or limitations we might have as well as critique and insights from my. The information I gather in these sessions help me define the issue at hand better and find an inclusive solution.